The sea was my first great love. -M.
Michelle (right) diving in shallow water with her father (middle) and her younger sister (left)

Growing up close to the sea, on a Greek island, there were a few things that were common to Michelle at a very early stage.

First: Sharing her parents way to work on a boat, full of scubadivers
because her parents had their own dive-academy.

Second: Being watched by the captain or the sea it’sself instead of going to the kindergarden whilst her parents where off, working beneath the surface.

Third: Spending time in the water everyday. Swimming and diving with seaturtles, jellyfishes, stingrays and any kind of sealife.

So when you ask Michelle, how She got the Idea of working as a professional mermaid it is because her parents made her be one.
She simply never felt like anything else and if She could choose, She would stay inside the big blue forever.

After graduating her a-levels Michelle went to Spain to become a Master Scuba Diver Trainer. After accomplishing that she taught diving classes for around six years. To focus on her freediving-skills and to study she went back to Germany where she currently lives in Saarbrücken. She also got her second Dive-Instructors-License by VDST/CMAS as well as her first propper and active swimmable mermaidtail.

Next to her studies, her training, photoshootings, mermaidshows and work she is presently preparing selfmade mermaidtails as well as other future plans.

michelleisunderwater will show up for any kind of events, projects, advertisement, movies or fotoshootings.

As an activist for the ocean She also loves to commit to enviromental help-projects and gives talkes, to spread the word of awareness.

Michelle's (r) and her sister's (l) every day life ( in 2005)
In her parents arms Michelle used to spend everyday on the water
Michelles Family and the whole divecrew from her father's Dive Academy