Frequently Asked Questions

because I am certified as a scuba instructor, I am allowed to dive up to 40 metres below the surface. holding my breath I can dive down to around 30 metres inside open waters.

In a stationary position and with some practice and exercise, i can hold my breath for about 4 minutes.
Whilst swimming, posing or dancing underwater this time decreases and I can hold my breath for only 1 to 2 minutes Also depending on underwater conditions like currents.
Now It might not seem very long but I can do a lot with this few minutes. 

I train a lot in order to stay fit, perform well and of course, not to lie, to stay in shape.

My main focus lies on Meditation, Yoga and Freediving Training. 
Because my job can be very risky at times it is very important for me to stay ready, calm and extremely focused at all times. 

1.Before every underwater session I try to meditate. 

2.I do Yoga every morning and I work my freediving skills regularily. 

3.It is important to mention that I never have freediving sessions by myself even if I am training “just” inside a swimming pool. I always have a skilled partner with me who knows how to provide help in case of an emergency.

4.In addition I do a lot of cardio as well as weight lifting.

The mint coloured tail I am using regularily is made out of silikone and inside the fluke is a monofin with adjustable heel-straps.

I designed the tail on my own. In the future all the tails that I will be wearing will also be my own design, made from thin neoprene and shiny scales.

I firmly believe that my own designs of tailormaids since they are supposed to fit your needs and also to bring out your personality. 
Every Mermaid should be her own unique and proud self.

Due to the fitting and the delicacy of these tails I prefer not to rent them. 

Once I have more to choose I might change my mind but I like to look at them as a signature of my own.
Every mermaid tail describes a character note of one’s self.

I always dreamed about being able to stay underwater without ever feeling the urge to come up and having the need to breathe.
The imagination of “underwater-humans” seemed astonishing.
I always felt like a humanlike water creature anyways.

At one point I realised that my affection for the underwater world was not very common. So I wondered how I could bring the fascination to others as well. This is were I got the idea that,
if I combine my love for the underwater world with aestethics and beautiful performances I could call the attention to the sea, our environmental problems and the urge to solve them. 

I always thought if i looked, behaved and danced underwater, in the same manner as those Underwater creatures, that people could see the world through my eyes. by doing that i want  them to fall in love with the sea as much as I did when I was just a little girl.