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- Weddings - Birthdaypartys - Poolpartys - Musicfestivals - Hotelfestives - Company-Events - ...


- Charityprojects - Commercial Projects - Movieprojects - Musicvideos - ...


- Tradeshows - Presentations - Imagevideos - Magazines - Promotions - ...


- Aquarium Swims - On Land Performances - Underwaterperformances - Photobooth - ...


- Fundraisers - Interviews - School talks - ...

MICHELLEISUNDERWATER provides educational, entertaning
and modelling -services, underwater as well as on land.
Michelle herself will model, dance or do stunts in any depth up to 40 metres, below the surface.
If necessary there will be a team of safety-divers which are professionally trained.

All actions are fully insured and licenced.

The services offered are:

» On-land-performances
» Pool-performances
» Underwater-performances
» Underwaterstunts
» Promotional events and premiers
» Trade shwos
» Aquarium dives and perfomances
» acting / diving for movies, film and tv
»Video or photographic shoots 
» Educational talks (in english, german or spanish)

MICHELLEISUNDERWATER can be booked internationally.


The prices are calculated by a part-time or full-time fee.
Depending on the location, the request, the level of risk, the euqipment and the team needed, the prices will variate.
for every booking, a downpayment will be necessary.

Price quotes, details and full honorarium are given by client inquiry

For any inquiries please include:

  1. Client Name & Company Name
  2. Email Adress
  3. Phone Number
  4. Type of Event / Project (Corporate, Party, Commercial Shoot etc.)
  5. Date of Event
  6. Starting and Ending -Time of Performance
  7. Usage of Photographic / Videographic Media
All work and business inquiries are welcome!

For any further questions please visit the FAQ’s page first.

Book a mermaid for your event or project here:

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Please remeber to include: 1) Type of event / project 2) When and where? 3) Starting time & Ending time of performing 4) Photographic or videographic usage