Underwater Modelling Course

Hey You!

I am Michelle and modelling as well as performing underwater is something very special that gives me joy and self-awareness. 

This is why, after a long time thinking about it, I decided to host workshops and teach others what I love so much.

The Course is not only about posing and putting on a pretty face but as well about a lot of knowledge about safety and certainly and most importantly about having a wonderful time.

The Underwater Modelling Course will take place in Unterlüss, Germany (Near Hannover) at the 10th of October. It will not just be my, but also Germany’s first Course of this sort. Due to this and Covid-19 the Course will also be offered at a premier price but with very limited space. 

So make sure to book early enough to secure a seat for yourself, a friend or a family member.

You’ll be spending a day with people who share your interest while learning and practicing. 

I hope to see you underwater!

Michelle XXX

What you can expect

A lot of thought and planning has gone into this project.
Because it is the only course where you can learn this very underestimated act my team and I felt a lot of pressure to make everything safe and worth.
So I am very happy and exited to share with you a list of things we will be doing.

This Course is structured to fit absolute beginners in this field as well as those who might have modeled or performed underwater before but still want to learn and be encouraged.

The only must is that you are able to swim!

You and the other attendees will be taught a balanced mixture of theory and practice to strengthen all the just discussed knowledge and to consolidate a safe in-water habit.

To create a pleasant atmosphere you, the other participants and myself will get to know a little bit of each other. There is also a safe place to ask questions, at any time on the subject.

After a lecture about what makes underwater pictures and this course so special I will talk about the most important skills and habits one should practice to make underwater modelling safe and easy.

We will then attach practicing skills like 
free-diving basics,
Diving basics, 
and of course modelling itself.

There will be enough time to have lunch- or resting-breaks 

At the end, the participants will get the chance to transfer and use practiced knowledge in a professional underwater photo-shoot. The pictures will be edited and sent to the attendees afterwards.

We will also look at the results to see how each and everyone improved.

A team of safety-guards as well as myself will be there at all times to help you and encourage you while you learn and practice. 



Because of the persistent Covid-Crises and our Course-inauguration we are offering an absolute premier price of 189€ per person. This includes the course itself all the course material, a safety-team as well as the final photo-shoot.
There is an additional cost of a 5€ entrance-fee to access the pool.

The journey is not included in the price


Extra Information

The age requirement is 18+. 

If you have a longer journey, you might want to consider to stay over night and get a hotelroom at a place nearby because a day full of learning and practicing is more fun when you are rested ;).

To make sure you fulfill age requirements and your booking information please also bring your ID or Passport.

If you have a special dress or outfit that you believe would look very good underwater, bring it with you for the final photoshoot.
(I always recommend uni-colored dresses/outfits with many layers)

If you have your own Mask and Snorkel that works for you, bring it too, because many skills will be demonstrated underwater. (If you do not own equipment of this sort it will also be provided for you)

For any further questions do not hesitate to write an email, I will respond as soon as I can.



I really hope I will get to meet you so we can spend an amazing day together.

Hear you soon,